Our Philosophy

Keep out front

Keep agile

Keep responsive

Keep inspired

Keep growing

Keep winning

Keep enjoying the adventures of life

Leda Turai
Master Certified Coach

Just as top athletes develop and reach their full potential within a culture of training and coaching so, today, do the world’s top performing organisations, business leaders and executive teams.

L-Con Global are one of the world’s top coaching consultancies. We work with leaders, teams, businesses and aspiring and established coaches. Welcome to our website.

We’ll tell you a little about who we are, what we believe, what we offer and what you can expect to gain from partnering with us. Then, if you want to excel and prosper don’t just keep us in mind, make contact and start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Keep the promises you make to yourself and your colleagues: to be the best you can”

An unbiased yet supportive sounding board



Cutting-edge well-researched information

Catalytic interventions

Devil’s advocacy




A trustworthy, caring and on-going partnership

Enjoyable learning contexts

Serious fun

Enhanced creativity

Collective intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Increased awareness


Cognitive ability

Systemic and strategic problem solving

Better performance

Better results

More engaged employees



Experts in the Field

Meaningful conversations lead to greater awareness of self and others, which in turn leads to having a greater impact on your world.

At the heart of effective coaching and training are the words that are exchanged, the insights that accompany them and the empowerment that follows them.

Our Approach

Broadly based on the philosophical tenets of the ICF, the regulatory body of the coaching profession worldwide, we offer tailor made coaching for individuals and teams.

We partner with organisations, working together to achieve development goals. We embrace our clients’ needs then provide quality learning and development experiences. We use a certain amount of theory but our main approach is to provide an experiential learning environment in which we encourage you to explore ideas and insights.

The context we provide allows you to grasp and acknowledge the progress you are making as it happens. We go deep, yet at the same time, we employ a playfulness and lightness of touch.

We offer quality, cutting edge knowledge drawn from in-depth research: this provides the academic ballast for the experiential exploration that animates the room.

Participants are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zones, support and respect each other, and enjoy themselves. Serious fun with fruitful outcomes might be one way of summing it up!

“I am a firm believer that the future depends on great leaders who can constantly reinvent themselves.”
– Beth Comstock –

As the corporate world gets ever more complex and challenging, information overload is inevitable.

Leaders simply don’t have the time to stay informed. As your partners, you can leave that to us. We are trained to think critically and systemically so that it’s easier to see the bigger picture.

Through skillful and empathetic coaching, our clients find that their thinking processes change and that they have an increased ability to focus on what really matters. Leaders become better at leading people and are able to develop a meaningful benchmark for their leadership.

  • Relationships improve both at work and in personal life
  • There’s a greater sense of roundedness and equanimity
  • There’s an increased ability to think in a complex, systemic way and to deal better with ambiguity
  • There’s an increase in emotional and social intelligence
  • You’ll see things from different perspectives and notice much more everywhere – at work, at home and out in the world.

Leaders seldom have anybody they can really talk to without being advised or evaluated. We offer both a sounding-board and a catalytic intervention which is objective and unbiased, Neutral yes, but our interactions are known for their human empathy and emotional intelligence.

We make clients aware of their strengths and where they need to develop. As a result of working with us clients report increased awareness, enhanced efficiency and improved performance.

Think beyond the obvious

When working with organisations we take a systemic view to understand what the organisation needs to do to support its purpose, vision and strategy.

We support the organisation to become more inclusive and collaborative so that it becomes a place where employees go the extra mile because, through their everyday work, they have the opportunity to experience professional and personal growth.

We work with teams to enable them become more creative and agile to help them harness their collective intelligence and to become better performing entities. We work with cross-cultural, virtual, intact and co-located teams.

A coaching culture is one that is embedded within the organisation from the strategy through to everyday attitudes and behaviours.

Recognisable aspects include:

  • Both leaders and employees value coaching
  • Leaders and internal coaches are trained via an accredited coaching programme
  • There is a dedicated budget for coaching and the company uses three modalities of coaching.

Based on ICF and HCI research, we know that companies with a strong coaching culture outperform their peers in employee engagement and in financial results.

The number of organisations embracing a robust coaching culture is on the increase because of the visible benefits. According to DDI research the “best places to work” are those where daily interactions happen in a leadership style. Such organisations attract the best talent.

L-CON Global supports organisations in creating a coaching culture from design to implementation.

Leaders who engage with coaching have higher cognitive abilities to solve complex systemic and strategic challenges. They achieve much better business results and they lead more engaged employees.

The requirements for leaders are changing. As Edward D. Hess says “Leadership is going to become more coaching and guiding than knowing and telling. You won’t have to inspire people, because they’ll be inspired by their work.”  

L-CON Global works in partnership with organisations to transform and develop their leadership capacity strategically and systematically so that they are fit for purpose in this changing, complex environment.