About us

Leda Turai is a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. She is one of the most highly qualified coaches in the world: in the top 3.5%.

Rimas Petrauskas is an Associated Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. He has more than 20 years of leadership and business experience. He became a coach to enable others to build and lead thriving businesses and high performing teams.

Monika Šliupienė started her career in the legal field as an associate attorney at a professional law firm. As her interest in the world of business grew, she continued her career in an American international company. There she achieved the highest recognition for her work in sales, customer service, employee acquisition and onboarding, leadership development. Monika represented Lithuania in the United States of America, interned in Malaysia and Mauritius.

Leda Turai

Leda has over 15 years of international work experience in profit and non-profit organisations and academic settings.

As a leadership and executive coach, trainer and director of boards she has supported many companies in implementing important changes and achieving sustainable business results.

She has had various leadership roles and broad experience in local and global organisations across many continents.

Over the last four years she has served as Director of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation being vice chair in 2015 and Chair in 2016. In these roles she was responsible for more than 130 countries.

Currently she is the Head of the Leadership Module of the Executive MBA Programme at the ISM Executive School, a leadership development partner at UAB L-CON Global, partner at the Management Institute of Finland, trainer at Coaching Development (London) and PEMI (China).

Leda has worked in the field of human development, organisational development and communication since 1997. She has worked in many countries across generations and cultures, communicating in five languages.

She has years of experience working with the financial sector, supporting banks and other industries in robust change processes during and after the financial crises.

She has conducted extensive research in the field of human resource development and corporate coaching, sharing her findings to make various types of leadership approaches and coaching interactions more effective and sustainable.

In 2006 she was awarded one of the highest presidential awards, The Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary for developing and facilitating cultural and economic relations between Hungary and Lithuania.

Leda often speaks at coaching and leadership conferences around the world.

Why I do what I do

I am an enabler and a supporter, but also a challenger. I see coaching as a thought-provoking developmental process. I work in a highly co-creative way, helping my clients access deeper ways of thinking.

I’m always supportive but I often play devil’s advocate, challenging their world-view. I encourage them to push themselves and they often surprise themselves. I enable them to do what they’ve never done before and to discover new things about themselves.

There are many obstacles in the path of people in business as there are in the way of everyone in life. I help clients learn, grow and overcome barriers and more: to unfold and emerge more fully realised.

I have a fundamental belief that every human being is much greater than he/she seems to be. I also believe that we are hardwired for change and growth even if change feels awkward and difficult. But we can change. Our desire is to evolve and when we notice our progress, we feel enriched by what we have learned about ourselves.

This gives us new optimism, new beliefs about the world and human beings plus new resources and capabilities. If I didn’t believe so strongly in these human capabilities and fundamental desires I wouldn’t do what I do.

Training and coaching is in my blood. It comes naturally to me to support, challenge and look ahead. I care about my clients’ happiness as much as I do about their personal effectiveness and how well the organisation is doing.

My outlook is holistic. I don’t subscribe to the shareholder philosophy, I believe in making the whole system work for everybody.

Rimas Petrauskas, CEO

Rimas has 20 years of experience in management and leadership. He has been acting as CEO for local and international companies as well as leading different multicultural and virtual teams. He has extensive experience in organizational development and change management. Throughout his career he gained much expertise in developing a strong human capital, building high performing teams and achieving extraordinary sustainable business results.

In his role as an executive and leadership coach and trainer Rimas supports senior leaders and middle management individually and in teams to be sustainably effective, innovative and competitive in the face of complex challenges.

Rimas is ICF certified coach (PCC), trainer, CEO of UAB L-CON Global

Why I do what I do

My experience in diverse managerial positions within international companies allows me to swiftly grasp a client’s context whether it’s change management, multicultural and virtual team efficiency, remote management, leadership development or another business issue.

I take a practical, experiential and co-creative approach. After exploring “why” we look at “what”, “how” and ”when”. Coaching is all about making it happen and enjoying it happening in real life and real business situations.

I believe in human potential, courage, creativity and engagement. In my coaching interaction I see myself as a partner who firmly holds this belief. At the same time as I support and care for my partners I challenge them; but always in a respectful and trustworthy way.

Learning for me is a purposeful, continuous adventure. A training or coaching session has to be useful, practical and playful. Adults learn a lot through experimentation and reflection. All of that makes learning brings the process alive and makes it enjoyable even when people go out of their comfort zone.

Monika Šliupienė

Monika Šliupienė started her career in the legal field as an associate attorney at a professional law firm. As her interest in the world of business grew, she continued her career in an American international company. There she achieved the highest recognition for her work in sales, customer service, employee acquisition and onboarding, leadership development. Monika represented Lithuania in the United States of America, interned in Malaysia and Mauritius.

Since 2019, Monika is developing her practice, which aims at an individual, group and team development training in accordance to the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a UAB L-CON Global training and organization coaching partner. Monika is an accredited member of the ICF and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Why I do what I do

Difficult life experiences forced me to stop and think about what’s important to me and how I want to continue my life further.

I told myself that even though I am great with numbers, understand business and finance, love technology and innovation, navigate around legal and regulatory frameworks – in the end, I much prefer working with people directly and making a meaningful contribution. I chose to pursue my practice based on where I got the most value – an internationally accredited deep, experience-based coaching.

My practice is focused on the development, growth, self-actualization and self-expression of my clients (individuals, groups, teams, training participants) and, most importantly, aiding their journey in making a meaningful contribution to others by making the world a better place – no matter how banal it sounds.

I believe unconditionally that every person has an in-born capability of expressing their full creative potential and developing their sense of purpose further. It is crucial to have the courage to take action into our own hands not just when everything is going according to plan, but also when we are stuck in a limbo or faced with difficult challenges. It means a great deal to me that people realize that the same way they managed to trap themselves in their own prison of thoughts, they are also able to set themselves free. The challenges we face are not on the outside, but rather inside.

During my sessions my clients often find themselves in an introspective pause, where they have the opportunity to face themselves and their reality more objectively and potentially discover a new perspective or thought. These introspective pauses promote contemplation, awareness, offer new insight, trains critical, systematic, and strategic thinking, encourages change and experimentation. Clients mention that they find clarity, new untapped resources in addition to feeling inspired to act in pursuing their goals and creative endeavors – oftentimes using a different approach.

The foundation of my practice is creating and fostering a safe and professional relationship based on mutual trust and respect between myself and my client.

I find it essential to incorporate authenticity, honesty, vulnerability and compassion in addition to providing a value-based quality professional service. The synthesis of professionalism and empathy is what allows me to reach best results in my practice. Instead of relying on a predetermined framework, I adapt my methods in accordance to my clients.

A referral from one of my clients is one of the best compliments I can receive: “I don’t know what or how she does it – but she changes everything by tapping into the fundamental essence”

Our partners

We are an international company with professional partners on all continents, who have been carefully recruited, trained and tested by us. They support us to implement various projects in your country and globally in various languages.