Team coaching for team spirit and high performance – customized team coaching process

When working with teams our overall aim is to strengthen team spirit.

We initiate and facilitate honest conversations, which:

  • Lead to a deeper understanding of each others’ personalities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance the development of a deeper mutual trust
  • Challenge conventional thinking
  • Lead to the creation of a smart high performing team mind-set
  • Boost business results.


Here is an example of the process we follow, although each engagement is tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Step 1  – We meet the main stakeholders to assess what kind of approach is best for the purpose of your team.

Step 2 – Initial interviews with the main stakeholders (CEO, team members, HR and/or others).

Step 3 – We agree goals and co-design key aspects of the process. If required, we apply the appropriate assessment tool.

Step 4 –  Facilitated team coaching  (1-2 days)

Step 5 – Regular monthly live or online check-in and forward moving sessions (four or five 2-3 hour sessions)

Step 6 – A day or half a day meeting to debrief, celebrate success and design a sustainability model.

 “Systemic Team Coaching is a process by which a team coach works with a whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them both improve their collective performance and how they work together, and also how they develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business.”

– Hawkins, 2011


Coaching results in a self-aware high performing team:

  • Able to balance the expectations of different stakeholders
  • Willing and able to co-create plans for achieving better results
  • That steps up to help run the business and in doing so transforms it
  • Whose members have the skills and flexibility to join multiple teams
  • That has the maturity and insight to work with systemic conflict

That recognises interconnectedness at every level and can manage the ensuing complexities.

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