Remote management

This workshop assists managers and leaders to find answers to these common work-related dilemmas:

  • How do I establish and maintain trust in every situation?
  • What is an ‘explicit psychological contract’? Why it is vital for business relationships? How can I make this contract with individual team members and the team as a whole for efficient communication, collaboration and accountability?
  • What can go wrong? How can I strive to prevent it? How can I deal with it efficiently if it happens?
  • How can I as a leader/manager support and challenge team members to optimise the process, achieve better results and feel more capable?
    What strategies help prevent team members from falling into a negative and destructive mentality?
  • What are the most useful principles that can be applied by leaders to both self and the team to increase self-awareness, self-direction, self-esteem and subsequently team productivity?
  • How can one increase the sense of belonging and contributing to the team and simultaneously taking full individual responsibility?
  • What are the critical attitudes and skills needed to lead teams and individuals from a distance?
  • What are the risks and benefits of diverse employees and teams and how can one capitalise on it?

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