Group Mentor Coaching for ICF credentialing

(ACC, PCC ir MCC levels, in Lithuanian)

Our results so far: 100% pass rate at first trial

We offer virtual and face-to-face individual and group mentoring on demand for coaches who wish to pursue or renew an ICF credential. Our lead mentor Leda Turai, MCC and her partners are trained in coaching mentoring and they support coaches in their professional development for all ICF credential levels:

  • ACC: Associated Certified Coach
  • PCC: Professional Certified Coach
  • MCC: Master Certified Coach

Our mentoring styles encompass an inquiry and explanatory based approach. We encouragingly and rigorously guide our mentees’ discoveries and professional improvements through a series of conversations, practices and evidence-based feedback on real coaching sessions.

Our philosophy is that the ICF coaching core competencies are the absolute backbone of any coaching interaction and every coach needs to find a way to integrate them organically into their personal styles.

Although many coaches back off from the pursuit of an MCC credential, Leda encourages those who are eligible to undertake the MCC journey. If a mentor’s success is measured by their mentees’ success then Leda is a very happy mentor coach! She accompanies mentees on their MCC journey and is delighted to see all of them easily pass their performance assessments.

What is included

  • 2 meetings of 4 Hours online training
  • Home assignments

The process starts with a foundational contracting session, where we talk about your expectations, about your coaching philosophy and about your strengths and developmental areas based on the ICF coach competencies. We will also analyse your coaching sessions. By the end of the first half day you will have an understanding about what do you need to focus on in order to be an even better coach.

We will also practice the mindset and skillset you need to develop. Thus, from every session you will walk away with clear understanding about what did you do professionally and where else and how specifically do you need to improve.

We believe, that you will greatly enjoy the process and your professional growth

Dates and price

Maximum number of participants – 8 participants

Price: 360 eur/participant



Will be announced at a later time.

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