Mentor Coach Certification (36 CCEUs)

This course is designed for coaches with ICF credentials, who:

  • Seek to become mentor coaches and offer mentor coaching for their peers; who want to apply for or renew an ICF credential or who want to get feedback in order to improve the quality of their coaching practice
  • Want to pursuit or renew an ICF credential and therefore want to engage in a thorough practical developmental process with a group of coaches.

This course is in English.

The course is made up of:

  • 28 on-line contact learning hours (a total of 7 sessions of 4 hours)
  • 8 hours of practice with peers
  • 32 CCEUs in core competencies and 4 CCEUs in resource development

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the role of the mentor coach
  • Learn, practice and develop the mentoring skills and competencies
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of the ICF coach competencies at ACC, PCC and MCC levels
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of the ICF PCC-markers
  • Engage in peer mentoring and coaching practice, insightful discussions
  • Reflect and gain feedback on own coaching and mentoring practice
  • Observe various peer coaching and mentoring demonstrations and provide efficient and empowering evidence-based development feedback
  • Participate in on-going peer practice
  • Experience coaching and mentoring from different peers
  • Become a much better and more confident professional coach
  • Be well-prepared to pass successfully an ICF credentials assessment
  • Become a skilful mentor coach.

Number of participants

max. 9 participants/group

Dates and price


October 4

October 5

October 17

October 31

November 29

November 30

December 20


Training time on the dates mentioned above 8.30-12.45



Paid until 15 08 2023 – 2200 eur

Paid until 15 09 2023 – 2400 eur

Paid after 15 09 2023 – 2600 eur

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