Leading cross-cultural teams

This workshop assists managers and leaders to find answers to these common work-related dilemmas:

  • How can one establish a common framework of understanding?
  • How can one create a common culture, avoid conflict and maintain trust in every situation?
  • What is an ‘explicit psychological contract’? Why it is vital for business relationships? How can I make this contract with individual team members and the team as a whole for efficient communication, collaboration and accountability?
  • What can go wrong? How can I strive to prevent it? How can I deal with it efficiently if it happens?
  • What is the ‘cultural orientation framework’ and how can one use it to manage across national, organisational, individual and gender cultures?
  • What are the critical attitudes and skills required to lead cross-cultural teams?
  • What are the risks and benefits of diverse employees and teams and how can one capitalise on it?

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