Group coach supervision

(5x2h online sessions in Lithuanian)

We offer virtual and face-to-face individual and group supervision services on demand for:

  • External coaches
  • Internal coaches
  • Leaders and managers, who apply a coaching style in their interactions with their employees and who would benefit from reflecting on the use of a coaching mind-set and skillset.

Coaching Supervision provides a supportive process for a coach’s development by offering a safe environment for open and honest interaction and focused reflection.

It usually includes

  • Exploratory reflective practice
  • Reviewing coaching agreements and contracts
  • Exposing and reconciling blind spots
  • Investigating ethical considerations
  • Exploring capability and accountability
  • Taking a helicopter view of the coach and client’s environment to gauge opportunities for growth within the system

Coaching supervision differs from coaching. It requires specific skills. So the opportunity to learn and practise these is necessary for anyone interested in becoming a coaching supervisor.

Understandably you want to know that you are buying the best. In organisations where coaching is becoming an integral part of the professional development of senior management and executives, coaches are expected to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining their professional best through being in formal supervision.

Dates and prices

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