Coaching Essentials – 12-day training

(Open and in-house)

This training course is designed for individuals wanting a thorough grounding in fundamental coaching skills, whether they work in organisations or as coaches.

This 12-day coaching course (in 6 modules) has been accredited by the ICF as providing 90 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training (ACSTH).

At the end of the training you will:

  • Have developed coaching skills (as specified by the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies) to Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level
  • Contextualise coaching within the wider field of learning and development, and leadership
  • Integrate the practical application of coaching models, tools and competencies.

For practitioners and leaders

An increasing number of customer awareness and organisational coaching research confirms that coaching has become one of the most effective ways of leadership, high performing team building, collaboration and professional development because, due to the application of a coaching approach, companies experience higher levels of engagement and increased business results. Companies with a strong coaching culture tend to consistently attract talent.

Coaching Essentials provides essential coaching training in all the core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF. Through taught input and experiential work, with extensive practice, observation and feedback, you develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for professional coaching or for coaching as a leadership style. It is a high quality, thorough first training in coaching which will be invaluable for people who wish to integrate coaching into their professional lives.

Our approach

We assume that you like to learn through doing, rather than just reading. The theory we teach is directly connected with the practice of coaching, and is always followed by experiential learning. Importantly you make sense of the frameworks and integrate them into your developing skill set. This programme is modular. In between the modules you will be coaching one of your peers, so that you complete the training programme with a significant number of hours of formal coaching practice.

Where and in what languages

This 12-day face-to-face training programme is offered in Riga in English and in Vilnius in Lithuanian by Leda Turai and Rimas Petrauskas.

Dates for 2021 in Vilnius:

Module 1: September 22-23

Module 2: October 20-21

Module 3: November 17-18

Module 4: December 15-16

Module 5: January 19-20 (2022)

Module 6: February 23-24 (2022)



Paid until 07 01 – 2250 eur

Paid until 08 01 – 2400 eur

Paid after 08 01 – 2550 eur

Dates for virtual training (in English): 

Module 1: June 9-10

Module 2: June 30 – July 1

Module 3: August 30-31

Module 4: September 29-30

Module 5: October 27-28

Module 6: November 24-25



Paid until 05 01 – 2250 eur

Paid until 06 01 – 2400 eur

Paid after 06 01 – 2550 eur

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